Mutating Media

symposium, 9 october 2008, Vooruit, 9.45hrs - 17.00hrs, free entrance

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More and more artists intentionally experiment with the codes of artistic media. They vary, rearrange and combine in order to create interesting aberrations, extensions and new mutants. This symposium offers a crosscut of these hybrid phenomena by means of comparative lectures and actual cases.

Speakers: Wouter Davidts (professor, architecture and fine art, Ghent University) Paul Demets (poet, Lecturer in film and literature, KASK, University College Gent), Maaike Bleeker (professor, theatre and dance, Utrecht University), Arjen Mulder (author media theory, V2_, Rotterdam), Kurt D' Haeseleer (media artist, Brussels), Manu Luksch (audiovisual artist, London), Ali Momeni (media artist, assistant professor, art and science, University of Minnesota) and Johan Grimonprez (fine artist, Brussels).